February 27, 2012

10 Cool Pomeranian Facts

To go along with the cute White Pomeranian puppy photo that I posted this morning, I thought it would be fun to share 10 cool facts about Pom-Poms.

Here’s another adorable White Pomeranian puppy to melt your heart.

Baby Pom Pom


1. #15 Most Popular Dog

Pomeranians – affectionately known as “Poms” or “Pom Poms” – are one of the most popular dog breeds. According to AKC Dog Registration Statistics, they ranked 15 in most popular in 2010.

(Just in case you are wondering, the Shih Tzu ranked #10. The Labrador Retriever was #1, and has been #1 for the past decade.)

2. Every Pom Has a Unique Look

No two Pomeranian will ever look alike.

They come in every color and color combinations you can think of. Poms can be solid – like orange, white, and black. They can also come in more than one color (parti-color).

Some of the colors of Pomeranians include red, orange, cream, sable, black, brown, blue, tan, white, wolf sable, brindle, and merle. (And combinations of those colors.)

3. Poms are Related to Huskies

Although Pom Poms don’t get very large (7 pounds at the max), they are a member of the German Spitz family. This makes them related to the Chow Chow, American Eskimo dog, Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky, and Samoyed.

Before Pomeranians were bred down to their current miniature size, they used to pull sleds and herd reindeer. (Can you imagine today’s Pom Poms pulling sleds? The idea makes me bark with laughter.)

4. They’re a Titanic Survivor

In 1912, when the Titanic sank, one lucky Pomeranian survived with her owner (a woman named Margaret Hays) on a lifeboat.

5. The Awkward Pom-Pom Teenager

Up to 80 percent of Pomeranians go through an awkward “teenage stage,” when their “puppy coat” falls out and is replaced by their “adult coat.” During this stage (called the “Puppy uglies”), your Pom puppy can look very weird with random bald spots and fur sticking out.

6. They Change Colors

Pomeranians change colors as they age. It’s very rare for a Pom puppy to have the same exact color as an adult dog. Sometimes, cream-colored Pomeranians can change into a brown and white parti as an adult. A brown Pom can become cream, and the cream Pom Poms can become bright orange. Pretty cool, huh?

7. Blame Queen Victoria for their Small Size

During Queen Victoria’s long reign, she owned a very small Pom Pom. Back then, Poms weren’t as small as they are now. But because of Queen Victoria’s popular small Pom, the size of the breed decreased by 50 percent.

8. Seriously Expensive to Buy

To buy a purebred AKC Pomeranian puppy from a reputable breeder, you should expect to pay between $700 and $1,200!

9. “Throwback Pomeranians”

Most Pomeranians are small, but occasionally a Pom can end up being huge (up to 20 pounds) due to a weird gene anomaly. Some people call these “throwback Poms.” Basically, this special Pomeranian has the appearance (and even personality) of its descendants – the larger sled-pulling Poms of centuries ago.

A Pom who is not overweight, but is larger than 14 pounds is considered a Throwback Pomeranian.

10. Pom-Poms Have Long Lives

Pomeranians are a generally healthy dog breed. Their average life span is 12 to 16 years. With proper care, high quality food, regular exercise, they can live a long and wonderful life.

Cute Pomeranian Photos

Cute Pomeranian Dog

Source: google.co.uk via Tracey on Pinterest

Beautiful White Pomeranian Puppy

Source: flickr.com via Joani on Pinterest

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8 comments to 10 Cool Pomeranian Facts

  • Those are some great Pomeranian facts. We sure didn’t know all that.Intresting how they change colors. Thanks of the info. Take care.
    Marg recently posted..We have been taggedMy Profile

  • PepperPom

    Pawsome post!! Very well researched!! I am an orange sable Pom, I was black as a puppy, now I am orange with black tips on some of my guard hairs. I am a throwback, not overweight, but 13.5 pounds. Standard Poms usually measure 8 inches long by 8 inches tall, I am 14 inches long by 12 inches tall. BOL!!

  • Roxy

    We have a healthy black throwback Pom who weighs 20 lbs. No one believes she’s a registered Pom and the breeder said her sister weighs 9 lbs as an adult. She looks like a black American Eskimo. Her tail has a very tight curl. Her disposition and intelligence are customary for a Pom. She’s very affectionate, loves children, and many people who come to our house want to take her home. She’s 4 now. At age 3, she developed a narrow white mustache on upper and lower lips. She’s a natural for a Got Milk? commercial.

  • bre

    i love pomeranians and i love learning more about them this site realy helped me on learning more i also love the fact that a pomeranian was a survivor on the titanic that is unbeliveable thank you! pomeranian lover,


  • caryle

    I just wanted to know if anyone knows how the parti color pom originated. There are so many myths about this color,like, pom was crossed with the papillion or with a shelty. I have a hard time believing some of these myths. If anyone knows the real story please e-mail me at caryleleanne@comcast.net…thanks

  • Beth

    I Wonder where can I purchase a Pomeranian puppy, in the UK, ??

    Kind Regards


  • Shih Tzus

    So cute I love Pomeranians!! But I plan on getting a shih Tzu<3

  • Jan

    Really interesting facts, especially #3 and #4.
    Jan recently posted..Pomeranian Grooming: How to Groom a Pomeranian the Right WayMy Profile

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