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Baths are Evil… I Hate, Hate Them

I was a really, really, really bad doggie the other day.

Mama had come home from a very long day. Her roommate made her dinner – hamburgers – on the indoor grill. It’s one of those 4-in-1 grill things (griddle/waffle maker/grill/panini maker), and it has these drip pan things to catch the grease. After dinner, Mama went to lie down in the bedroom. I normally will follow Mama anywhere she goes. I’m her “shadow” I guess you could say.

But on this particular day, I did not follow my Mama to her bedroom. I was a bad Shih Tzu girl.

Mama called and called for me. “Gracie… Gracie Lu… Chom… Chommie…” (my name and my nickname) “Where are you, baby? Come to Mama, Gracie.”

I did not answer Mama’s cries. What happened next is my little secret. I will NEVER tell a soul what happens – not even you, my blog readers. Mama still does not know, and I do not want her to know what happened. But somehow…

I came to the bedroom, sniffling and licking myself. I licked myself a lot… cause I tasted really good.

Mama sniffed and narrowed her eyes. “Why is your hair all greasy?”

Then, she smelled my hair. I smelled like hamburger fat. Like I had been dunked in it. It was ALL over my head. I was pretty greasy.

Shih Tzu needs haircut

Mama loves to kiss the top of my head and snuggle with me, right before we go to sleep. But on this night, I was so greasy and smelled of hamburger grease, and since Mama had already eaten, she said that I was dirty! I was dirty! And the evil woman made me take a bath.

Shih Tzu hates baths. We hate, hate getting wet. We do not like baths. We do not like getting lathered up with dog shampoo, no matter how nice it makes us smell, or how clean it makes our coats. We do not like baths. Shih Tzu and Baths do not mix together. They are a recipe for diaster.

I used to claw and claw my way out of the bathtub when my Mama tried to give me a bath. It used to be a two-person job, but the other day, I just gave up on trying to fight it. Mama had a not-so-nice look on her face. She put me in the bathtub, told me to stay. Turned on the shower so that the water was warm – not too hot and not too cold. She got me all wet. Lathered up in dog shampoo and rubbed me all over with that stuff. Then, she rinsed me off.

I whined, and I whined. But it did not matter.

Luckily, the bath only took five minutes. It was over before I knew it.

Mama squeezed my ears, my fur, my legs, my beard until she ringed all the water out. Then, she got a nice, warm towel (because that’s the type of loving mommy she is) and wrapped me in it.

Wet Shih Tzu puppy

She got me all dry, and then she ran to get her camera to take photos of me, cause she said I was so cute. I stayed in that nice, warm towel for a little bit, while Mama snapped photos of me.

Shih Tzu after Bathing

Girl Shih Tzu Puppy after Bath

Shih Tzu puppy

And you know what my Mama did next?

She clipped my nails! 

Yup. I was in emotional distress that I wasn’t fighting or running away. So my Mama ran to get the doggie nail clippers and started clipping my nails. I was so upset over my bath that I let the woman do it. Normally, I run away from her whenever I see those evil nail clippers. But I was wet and not my normal self, so I let her trim my nails.


At least I am clean now.

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