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Bull Mastiff Cuddling with a Baby – Too Cute

Who says big dogs and babies don’t go together?

Bull Mastiffs are HUGE dogs, and they can weigh up to 130 pounds! And I am guessing that if I ever see one, I will bark at it and try to paw and hug on it (later when I’m calmed), but I bet I’m just as big as this cute little baby.

(I think this dog is a Bull Mastiff, but I could be wrong.)

How cute is this big dog and his baby?!

Source: thechive.com via Casey on Pinterest


How adorable are these two together? Both baby and dog look happy. Mama and I especially love that the doggie’s paws are around the baby, and the baby looks like he is hugging on his big bro-fur!

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  • Alison August 17, 2013, 9:56 am

    These pictures of dogs with babies are not cute. They do not respect the potentially dangerous relationship between children and dogs. These photos show a deep disrespect for dogs, putting them in anxiety producing situations where they have to fight their natural instincts. People who mistake dogs for children should never own a dog. Dogs expect, depending on their breed, to have a job, to be used and owned, not be cuddled and treated like a human.

    I have owned dogs my entire life. I have trained each and every one of them to know her place and that is beneath all of my children, not just one of the pack.


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