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Christmas Fun in 26 Photos (2011)

Merry Christmas to all of my anipals! I have had a very busy – and spoiled Christmas season. I actually had two Christmases – double the presents, too!

Mama and I went home to Nashville, TN – where she spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (and a few extra days) with her immediate family. I got to play with my “boyfriend” and we really had a fun time opening presents and getting to nibble on a few pieces of Rib Roast that Mama made. It was SO YUMMMY…

Are you ready to “AWWWW” over my Christmas celebrations? Here is my Christmas fun in 26 photos. Lots for you to look at and enjoy! Mama tried to edit a few of them, but they got too much for her. Enjoy them anyway! The lighting wasn’t so great in some, but I’m still a cutie pie no matter what!

Christmas at Great-Granny’s!

I spent Christmas Day with my 97 year old great-grandmother. She is Mama’s American grandmother, so that makes her my great-grandma.. She loves Doggies, and so we had so much fun.

Here is me, Grandpa and Grandma (Mama’s parents) and me after dinner… Waiting for the opening of the presents.. I look a little impatient, don’t you think?


Mama finally got around to opening presents, and look at the Pug on the Christmas present… It made me jealous, so I had to jump up and give him a look-see…


See, that bone over there? My great-grandma gave me that. But I got so excited, just looking at what Mama was opening. It looked interesting… but it was really just a harness… So boring! At least to me.


My boyfriend, Chanh, and I are fighting over a cat toy for Mr. Pumpkin…. By the end of our play-fight, all the feathers were all over the floor.. and the toy was destroyed.. But that’s Shih Tzu for you. We just love to play with anything that looks fun… Even if it’s not ours.


Oooh, Mama got me a big bag of gifts, and I am mighty interested… I got a new ball, a stuffed animal, rope, and lots of other fun goodies… All in pink. Mama’s favorite color, and I guess I like it, too. Since I am a girl doggie and all.

Here we are playing with all my new toys. Chanh has a diaper, since he gets overly excited and sometimes pees all over the place. Since we didn’t want great-granny to have to clean up after him, we put on a blue diaper. I think he looks stylish!

My Auntie, Bichlien, was playing with my pink rope… And Chanh really enjoyed it!

And here the two of us are fighting over the rope… Cause we both want it, and one of us won’t let go!

More presents for both of us…


All that play made me SO tired. So I decided to take a little nap… So I slept, while everyone else finished opening presents.

After everything was said and done, Mama gave me tummy rubs and I slept in her arms. It was nice. I wuvs my Mama’s.


Family photo time~!


Christmas at Home

Mama and me finally came home yesterday. Our Christmas tree was all pretty and had lots and lots of presents under it. And some of those presents were for me. See, I am so spoiled… Before opening of the presents, though, Mama took me photos of me… Cuz I’m cute and she loves me!

I hope you all enjoyed my Christmas photos. Aren’t I just so cute in my Christmas hat and my Christmas tree sweater? Yep, I am the cutest Shih Tzu that ever did live!

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