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Crazy Clementine Cat

My kitty sister, Clementine makes the funniest faces sometimes. She’s wide-eyed and curious and ready to pounce … but she just wants to play with you. Even though she’s probably 3-4 years old, she still has the energy of the kitten. She is always running around, knocking things over, breaking water glasses. She is crazy.

Calico Cat

I just look up at her, and I’m like “what?”

I bark and paw at her when I wanna play. So Mama finds it cute.
Adorable Shih Tzu

Look at her sitting in my Mama’s chair. She thinks she is queen of the party.

PrettyOrange Calico Cat

But she’s darn cute, isn’t she? We love her.

Clementine the Calico Cat

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