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Meet MeMe – The Cutest Baby Calico Kitten

calico persian kitten

Meet MeMe – the cutest Calico kitten in the world. She is pure sweetness, and I think she is the kitten-version of me (because she is so adorable). Mama and I love her smushed face, which makes her look extra sweet and lovable.

From the look of her, we think she is a Persian kitty. But we aren’t 100 percent sure. She sure looks like a Persian though. (Persians are a long-haired cat breed, which means they require more grooming to prevent mats. They can be really expensive to buy, and you will probably never come across one at the shelter, unless you are incredibly lucky.)

If she is not a Persian baby kitten, then she might be a Exotic Shorthair (which is a cross between the American Shorthair and the Persian breed). Exotic Shorthairs have shorter coats, but they have the cute smushed face.

Whatever her breed, baby kittens are simply adorable. And she is very, very, very, very, very cute.

Apparently, she hates baths as much as I do. 

Calico Persian Kitten

Source: cuteoverload.com via  Pinterest

She’s also so teeny-tiny that she can fit inside a tissue box.

Calico Kitten in a Tissue Box

Source: lovemeow.com via Pinterest


A tiny basket can hold her, too. 

Calico Kitten in a Basket

Source: lovemeow.com via Pinterest


She looks a little older in his photo. A cute, sleepy calico kitten. Look at her adorable paws!

Baby Calico Kitten

Source: lovemeow.com via Pinterest

Calico Kitten

Source: lovemeow.com via Pinterest


She is super adorable, and I bet she loves to cuddle! To see more cute photos of MeMe, visit LoveMeow.

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  • Remington February 3, 2012, 5:52 pm

    SO CUTE! Such a little kitty.

  • Carter June 4, 2015, 7:14 am

    Omgggg she is so cute hi

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