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Cutest Shih Tzu Photos … EVER!

ShihTzu Dog

Mama has recently discovered Pinterest – which is a social media website that allows people to “pin” or share photos and other content that they find online. It’s kinda like a scrapbook that people can create of cool stuffs. Anyway, it is a super cool and super neat place to check out.

Although I am the cutest Shih Tzu puppy ever …

ShihTzu Dog

Anyone who doesn’t think I was the cutest puppy ever is CRAZY!

Isn’t my baby shih tzu face just so cute?

I think there are other puppies that may be equal to my cuteness. And I say… MAY equal, because my Mama still thinks I’m pretty darn adorable.

Now this photo (below) – isn’t he so adorable – was the Shih Tzu dog photo that made Mama want to find a Shih Tzu with a mostly white face. So you can thank him for her looking so hard to find me. That was the puppy that Mama wanted, and she even bought a Shih Tzu pup that looked like him – brown and white. But she wanted a girl, so she ended up with me. So I am jealous of this pup… But I can’t help but think he’s pretty … Okay, Super Adorable!

   Source: Uploaded by user via Cindy on Pinterest

Mama and I just love smushed faces, and this tiny shih tzu puppy with his tongue sticking out is definitely a cutie pie! It almost makes me want to get another little sister! And to think, I used to be that teeny-tiny. I was less than 1 pound when Mama brought me home.

                                                                                                Source: theberry.com via Susie on Pinterest


I love having longer hair – I hate it when Mama tries to get me groomed, and I lose all my hair. And I think all Shih Tzu – boy or girl- need to have a little bit longer hair on our cute faces. Isn’t this little shih tzu adorable? I especially love her button nose, and so adorable black eyes.

                                                                                       Source: google.com via Jessica on Pinterest


Who doesn’t think dog wigs aren’t cool? I love this wig. But that Shih Tzu does NOT look happy. He looks mad… Hehehe… But he’s so cute!

                                                                                             Source: nickholmes.tumblr.com via Pat on Pinterest

What do you think. Who is cuter? Me or one of these Shih Tzu?

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