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And the Winner is … (The Dating Game – Shih Tzu Style, Part 3)

I know that everyone has been on the edge of their seats to find out who is going to be my Valentine’s Date! All of my anipals, blog readers, and human friends have gotten nearly a week to pick their favorite bachelor.

If you missed out on the action and want to read the eight handsome bachelors and their answers to my Dating Game questions, please check out The Bachelors’ Answers (The Dating Game –Shih Tzu Style, Part 2).

The votes have been tallied, and it was a close race (with some amazing answers from the Bachelors) . . . but the winner has been selected.

By popular vote, I give the final rose to . . .

Shih Tzu with Pink Rose 

Louie, the Shih Tzu

Handsome Louie, the Shih Tzu gets to be my Valentine’s Date. He’s finally on Twitter, too! Please follow him @LouieTheShihTzu.

Shih Tzu with Bow

Louie is a handsome white and tan Shih Tzu from Northern Ireland. (And he’s European – which makes him extra special and extra lovable! I bet he even has an Irish bark.) He is a few months younger than I am. He was born in September 2010, and I was born in May 2010 – so this makes me a cougar! His mom delivered his litter.

Adorable and fluffy Louie loves tennis balls, cuddling on the sofa, looking out the window, and taking long walks. It must be a Shih Tzu thing, because I also love all of these things!

Shih Tzu under blankets

He gets along with animals, so we would have plenty of fun cuddling with kitties of all sizes!

 Shih Tzu and cats


And how can anyone resist a gentle-dog who puts up with wearing booties?

Shih Tzu Wears Booties

 Did I mention that Louie was also the cutest puppy ever?

 White and Tan Shih Tzu Puppy

 Happy Valentine’s Day to all my anipals and their humans!

For my Valentine’s Date with Louie, we will enjoy a sunny stroll in the park, play fetch with tennis balls, give each other lots of face licks on the grass (because he is a gentle-dog and not a humper).

Then, Louie can take me to see all the beautiful sights of Ireland – if the weather is good, since it’s so rainy in Ireland. But if it’s rainy, we can wear matching raincoats and still enjoy all the beautiful sights.

For lunch, we will enjoy bacon and potatoes. And I love potatoes!

And maybe, we will snuggle with all our toys and enjoy a nice nap.

Shih Tzu Love

Thank you for all my eligible bachelors and their hilarious answers.

It was a very, very close race.

  1. Louie, the Shih Tzu– 22 percent of the vote
  2. Porter, the Chocolate Lab – 18 percent
  3. Duncan, the Westie – 16 percent
  4. Giambi, the Shih Tzu – 14 percent
  5. Sorey, the Corgi Mix – 10 percent
  6. Shadow, the Flat Coated Retriever – 10 percent
  7. Pickle the Whippet – 8 percent
  8. Toby Westy – 4 percent

Please follow all my handsome and eligible bachelors on Twitter!

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  • Rusty, Riley & Roxi February 13, 2012, 4:10 pm

    Oh, my he is handsome and you are pretty! What a smashing couple you two will make!
    Rusty, Riley & Roxi recently posted..Poet RustyMy Profile

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