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Should You Put Your Dog On A Special Diet?

This is a Guest Post by Ariane Franke.

There are a lot of experts today that are advising dog owners to put their pets on special diets so that they get extra nutrients. All owners know that this is definitely what happens when the conversation revolves around pedigree show dogs, as they usually have a special diet to ensure that they are in prime condition. But the question is; should we be giving special diets to our pets who are just normal domestic companions and are not show dogs?

There is a company called Purina pro plan; they specialise in making not only ordinary dog food but specialist veterinary diets as well. There are also other brands that will make the specific foods that are designed to bring out the best in your dog. A point that has been made by experts is that by giving a specifically tailored diet to your dog they will receive the nutrients they need to become prime examples of their breed.

What companies like Purina pro plan dog food do is they tend to follow what vets recommend and design foods to help dogs with specific health conditions. A company like this tends to set itself apart from the competition because their range is typically designed to help dogs with a lot of day-to-day problems like allergic reactions to proteins and heart problems.

It is advisable that if you are going to put your dog on a special diet that you seek the advice of an expert like your local vet. They will then be able to assess your animal’s needs and prescribe or recommend a particular supplement or brand that will help your dog. There are programs such as Purina veterinary diets, which do give the optimum nutrients to help dogs suffering from underlying health conditions.

Also for those who just want a high-quality pet food a company like this provide a range of natural ingredient filled foods. This is by far the best way to give your dog the nutrients they need, although breed specific foods are recommended for certain dogs…

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  • Akiko Choinski July 9, 2012, 9:13 am

    I really love dogs because they are very loyal companions. i always keep them safe and healthy at home. :*”`* – Take care

  • Alison Graham February 20, 2013, 7:01 am

    Thank you for the informative post, I read a helpful article on dog food the other day on heartwormtreatment-fordogs.com, but you raise an interesting point when you ask whether ‘ordinary’ dogs should have a special diet like show dogs to get them in prime condition. I always believe in feeding my dogs as naturally as possible and have never had any major problems with condition – however, I do agree that before changing your dog’s diet (for any reason), you should take a long hard look at why you are doing it and consult a vet in case adding a simple supplement could provide the desired result without a drastic change. Thank you again, Alison

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