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Evening Play Session

The world's cutest shih tzu with tongue sticking out

I am a shih tzu of the night. I pounce and like to play when it’s dark outside. Have you met Monster, my Domo toy? I’ve had him since I was a baby; he is one of my favorites, and he has no eyes.

Now I plead the fifth –  it’s not my fault he has no eyes. Seriously, it really isn’t …

Gracie Lu Shih Tzu playing with Domo Toy

Well, maybe it’s my fault. I can’t help it. I’m a killer; I go for the eyes first, and then I nibble on the rest of the body.

I am a toy hoarder, by the way. I can’t part with toys I’ve had since a baby. That frog has been with me from before I even came to live with Mama, and that Santa is my second Santa Clause … I killed the first, and somehow the second still lives. He will probably disappear this holiday season though, maybe … but Mama is just as sentimental as I am, so he might live to see another year.

I love all my toys so much!

Gracie Lu Shih Tzu playing with Domo Toy

Shih Tzu Playing with Toy

Occassionally, I go a little wild. I shake my head left to right and my hair just goes a-flyin’

Crazy Shih Tzu Playing with Toy

But I’m really innocent, I promise. Look at those sweet brown eyes.

The world's cutest shih tzu with tongue sticking out

And my cute little tooth that sticks out. How could you not love me?

Adorable Shih Tzu Face

My cat sister, Clementine doesn’t think I’m so innocent.

Adorable Calico Cat

But she’s a cat! She’s even more mischievous than me!

Until next time, lots of doggie kisses and puppy hugs from me to you!

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