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My Kitty Brother – Mr. Pumpkin’s Gorgeous Blue Eyes

Picture of Flame Point Siamese Cat

I live with the most handsome Flame Point Siamese cat EVER – Mr. Pumpkin, my cat brother. He is a gorgeous cat with an amazing personality. He always wants to snuggle with us; he purrs whenever we pet him, or when he’s near us; and he and I love chasing each other in the yard.

Did you know that I bark and chase him . . . and sometimes he chases after me.

We LOVE playing together. Who says Flame Point Siamese Cats and Shih Tzus can’t live together? I love him, and he loves me.

Isn’t he beautiful?

Flame Point Siamese Cat Picture

And he has the most beautiful blue eyes.
Picture of Flame Point Siamese Cat

And he seriously has the cutest freckles on his nose.

Don’t you think he’s adorably cute and handsome? Too  bad he can’t make any more kitty babies. Mama got him all neutered and such. Poor guy. No more girlfriends for him.

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  • Pixel Blue Eyes February 6, 2012, 8:26 am

    Wow Gracie, He is absolutely gorgeous! He almost doesn’t look real, but the cute freckles make him extra adorable too. I bet you two have fun all the time. Glad you get cuddle times too. Me and Snowflake and Noel have fun wrestling and chasing each other, as well as snuggling on the bed.
    Love you!! And always love your blog posts…Pixel
    Pixel Blue Eyes recently posted..The Joy of Being Lighthearted II – More Motivational PostersMy Profile

  • Melanie February 6, 2012, 8:27 am

    I have to admit, I’d never heard of, much less seen, a flame-point Siamese. I will agree with you, though, he is seriously handsome!
    Melanie recently posted..Training MaeraMy Profile

  • Magic February 7, 2012, 4:33 am

    Mr Pumpkin is very handsome – and such beautiful eyes! We have 2 cats here which my sisters like to chase but I just curl up with them to sleep. Sometimes they come for a walk with me too. They are not as pretty as Mr Pumpkin though 🙂 Magic x
    Magic recently posted..A Winter WonderlandMy Profile

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