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Gracie Lu, the Pink Hippo Has Dancing Shoes

My mother is a psychopath… The two of us are not friends right now.

This is how she has me dressed. It’s not even Halloween yet!

Gracie Lu Shih Tzu dressed as a Hippo

So here is my story of the last week…

First, Mama leaves me for five days to go on vacation to California and me stay with my auntie. Mama comes back, finds me with a flea infestation (I am highly allergic) with scabs all over my body… So she proceeds to give me a long bath, a flea pill (Capstar – kills them within 30 minutes) and Benedryl to help with itching (the Vet told her it would help). Both pills were wrapped in prosciutto so I ate them fast… Later, mom applies the monthly flea topical to my back too…

Then after all that, my mother forces me onto a table and puts shoes on my feet! SHOES!

Hot pink ones she thinks are cute but I DO NOT LIKE THEM!

Shih Tzu in Shoes

Not only am I being forced to wear these pink shoes, mommy is forcing me to wear this ridiculous pink hippo costume. She says it is warm (to keep me warm because it is getting cold here), and it’s supposed to protect me from scratching my scabs so that they can heal and my fur can grow back (I scratched so much when mom was gone, I am bald in places).

I guess this little pink hippo is getting ready for Howl-o-ween a little early. Enjoy my cuteness!

Gracie Lu the Shih Tzu as a pink hippo wearing pink tennis shoes.

Shih tzu in costume

Shih tzu in dog costume and shoes

cute shih tzu dressed up

pink hippo shih tzu

shih tzu in pink hippo costume

Shih tzu wearing shoes

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  • Kari October 8, 2012, 10:54 pm

    Oh you look very unhappy about the dress up situation 🙁

    Stop on by for a visit

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