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Happy Birthday To Me!

Today is my birthday! I turned four today, and mama has been reminiscing about how fast time passes. I used to be teeny tiny.

Can you believe I wasn’t even as tall as a single step?



Mom wishes she had taken more photos of me when she had the chance but they didn’t have fancy iPhones back then that made taking photos a snap.

Mom got me when I was 6 weeks old and I’ve been with her ever since. Here is the photo of me that Mama saw that made her have to have me!


It was love at first sight! Mommy and me have been in love for a long time. I was so cute when I was little! Mommy and me were quite an adorable pair. I was her very first dog that she owned. She wanted a Shih Tzu since high school and she is so thankful for me every day. I make her sad says even better!


Here we are today! I think we still look like the perfect couple! Though I am much fluffier now than I was when I was a wee Shih Tzu.


Today I had a super awesome birthday! I got spayed last week and my stitches finally came out! Yeah! Though I still have to wear that stupid cone of shame for another few days since I am notorious for cleaning myself and mommy doesn’t want me to risk an infection. But I got to go to the park afterwards and it was fun, fun!



I have the best life with my mom. Here’s to hoping the next four years will be just as fun as the last four.

Love you all!
Gracie Lu

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