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I’m in Love with Dog Pajamas

Mama and I saw this YouTube video for doggie pajamas last week, and we are just in love. For my birthday this year, I think Mama should get me a pair of bright pink pajamas. Maybe she and I can even wear matching pajamas to bed every night. Now, how cute would that be?

Check out the pajamas featured in this video. The supermodel is the most adorable Maltese little girl named Sophie. (Mama had named me Sophie, before she decided that it didn’t fit my personality and Gracie was a better fit.)


Now that I think about it, dog pajamas are not the best idea for my birthday, since it’s in May and it gets pretty hot in the summer here. But I still want some. I just think they are just SO cute, and couldn’t you imagine me strutting my stuff outside in a dog bodysuit? I mean, how cute would that be.

Here are a few of my favorite dog pajamas from different pet retailers. Some of them are super affordable, and others aren’t so much. I just love the various styles that are available. Let’s get our paws crossed that Mama decides to splurge on more outfits and gets me a doggie pajama, or a dog bodysuit. Either works for me – I’m not a picky pooch.

cute dog pajama


Fashion Pet Sleepy Time Pink Dog Pajama ($10.79) 

This doggie pajama is cute, has lots of colors, 100 percent cotton, and I just love, love that it is “potty ready.” Which means that you don’t have to take it off when you go to the potty – whether outside or on a pad. There are neat little gaps in all the right places… Around your rear end, and in your private pee-pee place… Ahem.. And the leggings are pretty cute, too. Not very expensive either. Really, really affordable dog pajamas.

Love, love, love it!

fluffy bunny pajamas for dogs



Fluffy Bunny Dog Jumpsuit by Puppia – Pink ($51.00)

This one isn’t as affordable, but it’s made with soft fleece – so super comfy. Mama loves that it comes with bunny ears and a little bunny tail. Great for Easter, and it’s pink. My favorite color.

Now if Mama were to get pink pajamas, the two of us would match, and I think I would have a blast wearing this. It could totally double for Halloween, too.

It is pricey, so I doubt that I’ll ever get to wear it, but it’s cute.

Stylish Pink Dog Pajamas


Pink Polka Dot Fleece Dog Pajamas ($43.95) 

This was one of the pajamas in the YouTube video, and Mama and I absolutely love it. It’s stylish and oh-so-perfect for a fashionista like me. Mama could buy  hot pink pajamas, and we could go to bed matching. She could even put a bow in my hair… Not that I would wear it, since I hate anything in my fur… But still. Oooh, it’s so adorable.

A little bit on the pricey side, but still – a pretty cute pair of pajamas.


dog pajamas


 Animal PJs by Fou Fou Dog ($23.99) 

I would be happy with any of these pajamas.. Although I have a special love for the froggie one, since my favorite stuffed animal (Prince Froggie Frog) and I have been together since I was a tiny pup.



Do you like doggie pajamas? Do you own any? Comment about your experiences below! I am super curious, and my Mama is too!

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  • Sadie Shih Tzu January 12, 2012, 10:43 am

    I will never wear dog pyjamas Gracie. I think your person is trying to trick you. My persons have dressed me up and laughed but I didn’t see what was funny. Persons can be very strange. You’re only a baby dog so you may not have noticed this yet (remember the bumble bee costume?).
    Sadie Shih Tzu recently posted..Video stuffs: World’s smallest working doggehMy Profile

    • Gracie January 12, 2012, 10:48 am

      Oh Sadie… I think I just put up with it when my mama tries to dress me up. I do sometimes fight when she puts it on, but then I sit down, look at her, and then just deal with wearing clothes. I think I also prefer to be naked too! Humans are really funny! Maybe I should fight more!

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