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Mama Gave me a Bad Haircut

Dear Blog Readers,
My sweet mama gave me a very bad haircut. She decided that she wanted to save money, so . . . instead of taking me to the groomer’s, she decided that she would take a pair of scissors and cut my hair. I was getting kind of raggedy-looking and no matter how often she brushed my hair, my hair was getting long and uncontrollable. And I am too fidgety these days to sit still. So along with the help of my Auntie, my very inexperienced hair cutting mama, decided to chop off some of my body and leg hair.
See…   This is how much hair they chopped off.
And as you can see my photo with Auntie… I just look like a rag-a-muffin and look 100 times worse after my so-called hair cut. Maybe mama will have to give up and take me to the groomers when my hair grows back out.
My new hair cut . . .
Aren’t I just super cute? Mama thinks I’m still adorable — at least my face is, even if my body looks choppy and unattractive. But fortunately, I still have my adorable hoodie to wear until my hair grows back.
Mama wants to  try to cut my hair . . . again, but with trimmers next time. Or one of those shavers for pets that you can buy at the pet store. Or maybe she will take me to the groomers. She is undecided. But for now, I am just going to look very ragged. But that’s OK with me.
Gracie Lu, the shih-tzu puppy
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  • LunaKris August 13, 2010, 3:38 am

    Gracie Lu is still adorable.

  • pennysplayground August 14, 2010, 7:10 am

    She still looks cute as a button…!

    We have to take Penny to the groomers (we just took her today since we're going to a doggie birthday party on Sunday) because Bichon's are very difficult to cut and takes a good amount of skill and practice to do well and we know that no matter how much we practice, we would never get the end results looking as good as our favorite groomer could.

    If you want to try cutting Gracie's hair again try doing some research online and watch some videos that will show you how groomers cut Shi Tzu's step by step. Or you could take her to the groomer one time to see how they do it and ask them what type of scissors / razors they would recommend to help keep her looking tidy in between appointments.

  • Sadie Shih Tzu August 14, 2010, 9:55 pm

    Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I LOVE yours. And you look A LOT like me. Crazy! Woofs and face licks. Let's stay in touch. Sadie x

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