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Loving Moments with Mommy #MilkBoneLove

I love my mommy, and I know she really loves me – even when I am trying to bite her and hide under the couch, because I am no longer happy to model in clothes anymore. Sometimes, I do give up though, since I love dog snacks.

Mommy went to Ireland for one whole week, and when she got home, I barked and ran around, all excited. And she even got me the cutest toy! My boyfriend Louie has one too, but his is green and very much destroyed now because he is the # 1 toy destroyer. I am loving this pig, and how awesome is it that she brought me a dog toy that came all the way from Ireland? And I got two new outfits – which I am currently in revolt and do not want to wear! A puffy dog jacket and dog pajamas. Here’s a photo of my new pig.

Shih Tzu Love

Mommy is home, just in time for Valentine’s Day and she gave me lots of love and kisses upon her return. I’m just chill-laxing now that she’s home. Very happy and running around, romping and annoying my cat sister, Clementine. I am loving the kisses though – but not the bath that i know I will get soon. I am too fluffy right now, and I will need a haircut soon, but it’s too cold. But I am like a soft teddy bear!

Gracie Shih Tzu and Mommy Kisses

Mom and Gracie Lu Shih Tzu

The love of a dog and human is a special bond. There’s no one in the world that I love like my mommy. Since I am her first dog, I am very spoiled. Not only do I get all the cuddles and pets I want, I also get to run the show. The perks for me is that I get my way – most of the time. For mommy, it’s more than just companionship. She is always comforted on hard days with face licks and snuggles. There’s something wonderful about having a dog that follows you room to room, and who loves to sit on your lap and paws at you to give her more rubs. Yep, I am the best and might I add, super adorable too! Mommy says it’s the best experience owning a dog! She is so lucky she got me as her shih tzu!

So this Valentine’s Day, Mama gave me the best gift of all – Milk-Bone® Dog Snacks! And do I love them!

Gracie Lu Shih Tzu with Milk Bone

Yes, I will work for my food too. I will sit, roll over, and high-five just so that I can get my mouth on these yummy biscuits! The nice people at Milk-Bone sent us a free box. The small size is a little bit too big for me – as you can see above, it won’t fit into my mouth, so Mama breaks it up into small pieces. I did steal a big piece once and I ran around with it in my mouth, whining because I didn’t know where to hide it. I’m a big hider of things! Mama is very amused by the weird things I do, but hey – I strive to be her entertainment!

Next time you’re at the store, grab a box of Milk-Bone dog snacks, because they are yummy in the tummy! The box says they clean your teeth, too!

Milk Bone Valentine's Day

Milk-Bone has a cool contest going on right now, where you can win a year supply of Milk-Bone dog snacks and a $1,000 cash! No purchase necessary. Check out the Milk Bone Contest for your chance to win!

This post is sponsored by Milk-Bone on behalf of the BlogPaws Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about The Say It with Milk-Bone Campaign, but Gracie Lu Shih Tzu only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Milk-Bone is not responsible for the content of this article. 

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