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The Name Game — Finding the Perfect Name for my Puppy

Finding the perfect name for my puppy has been very difficult. Every since I’ve had her (less than a week), I just haven’t been able to give her a good name. I’ve tried everything — looking at baby name books, browsing the web for dogs names, asking friends for advice, etc. — but I just haven’t been able to come up with anything.

When she first arrived home, I started calling her Sydney. (The name I’ve always wanted to give my daughter). But after sending out picture messages to my friends, no one thought she looked like a Sydney. So I went back to the drawing board. Then, Jarold and I started discussing names… The ones I liked, he didn’t. He wanted to name her Samantha, Sam for short. But since we’d be calling her Sam most of the time… I didn’t want to name my puppy a boy’s name. We thought about going back to calling her Taylor, but she just doesn’t look like a Taylor.

(Sleeping on mama’s shoulder!)

She does look very much like a Panda bear… And I thought of calling her “Panda,” but again, that is a boy’s name. She’s black and white, so a few of my friends on facebook suggested “Oreo.” Or even “Pandora”(combination of Panda in a female name). But again, this just didn’t fit.

I saw her adorable face, and I simply felt that I had to name her a sweet, delicate name. She is so adorable that she needed a very girlie name. I finally settled on Sophie. We tried that for a day, but Jarold suggested we kept looking. Then last night, I decided that she would become Gracie Lu. (My black cat’s name is Luka Lu). So that’s her current name… I think it might stick this time. Doesn’t she look like a Gracie to you? 

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