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Hi! from the Nashville Pet Expo 2014

Adorable and cutest shih tzu ever, Gracie Lu
Hello from Nashville!

You haven’t seen my fluffy face in such a long time, because Mama has been super busy. She just launched a eco-friendly and organic pregnancy and baby store – Preggie Baby Boutique and she’s been super busy working on that website and fulfilling orders and all that fun stuff. I’ve been helping with the “de-stressing” part of it. Licks, cuddles and snuggles make Mama feel so much better, especially after a hard, overwhelming day!

Anyway, back to me!

Over the weekend, Mama and I visited my grandparents this weekend. Grandpa, Mama and me went to the Nashville Pet Expo! It’s a free event with lots and lots of exhibitors from all over. I think they have it every year, and it sounded fun so we went!

So this event is FREE and they let you bring your dogs! Mama carried me around in a baby sling, because she didn’t know how I would react being around so many other doggies and people. (That can be very stressful on a little doggie!) I was very happy to be in the sling, and I just looked at all the sights around me.

They bring in big name speakers and celebrity dogs to this expo. Shorty Rossi – aka the “Pit Boss” and Hercules made their appearance at the Pet Expo, along with Horrison Forbes, the Celebrity Pet Expert. Their was a costume contest (which I missed because it was too late in the day, and we were there earlier in the day).

There were so many different dogs there – big dogs, little dogs, and medium sized ones. We saw some huge Russian terriers (but didn’t get to snap their photo), along with normal breeds we see every day. Here are a few of the cute doggies we snapped photos of!

Adorable Chihuahua

Boxer with head on His owner's lap

Black Labrador Resting

Look at this cute pooch wearing a pink tutu (with hearts on it) – Mom totally wants to get that tutu for me. I would look super adorable, though I would hate every second of wearing that outfit. This was one of the exhibitor’s booths. I think they were a doggie store, selling collars. Look at all the colors and styles on that rack there! (AND her pink stroller! How neat!)

Adorable Dog in Tutu in Owner's Arms

I was in a baby sling but we saw lots of stylish doggie strollers that pet owners had!

Mama and I ran across this very cool booth. The Darling Dog Portrait Co was offering to take FREE photographs. They had a box of dress-up clothes for doggies, and you could get dressed up. Of course, Mama couldn’t help but make me dress up.

Darling Dog Portait Co

So here we are. I look so sad and pathetic, but yes, that is a Cinderella Tiara and hot pink feathers that Mama made me wear. So humiliating but at least Mama had a good time at my expense. I have started to detest getting dressed up, but my Mama still likes to make me — sometimes… when I put up with it.

Gracie Lu Shih Tzu in Princess Tiara

After my humiliating dress up experience, I got treats (of course!) Some of the other booths were from dog bakeries and doggie stores. Look at their tables full of healthy dog snacks and treats. Doesn’t it make your mouth water?

Nashville Pet Expo Booth

Nashville Pet Expo

We wanted to spotlight this booth, because we think it’s super cool. Dogs on Deployment is a non-profit, which offers foster homes to dogs and pets of soldiers who get deployed overseas. Isn’t that so cool? The dogs are taken care of by foster families while their owners are away fighting for our freedom. We love the idea.

dogs on deployment

This was another cool booth we saw. It’s Pinups for Pitbulls – a calendar of beautiful girls and their dogs, and it is all about raising awareness to rally against Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) and Breed Discriminatory Laws (BDL). Cool, huh?

Pinups for Pitbulls

At the Nashville Pet Expo, we also saw lots of doggies from rescues who needed homes. Like this adorable pup from Small Breed Rescue of East Tennessee. Isn’t she adorable? We wish we could have adopted her. She’s so beautiful.

Rescued Pom for Adoption from Small Breed Rescue of East TN

All in all, we had such a fun time and hope we can go again next year!

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  • Julie Curnick May 23, 2015, 10:49 pm

    I hope you will visit the Prt Expo again this year and come by my booths and say hello. Come to YPCK. Yuppy Puppy City Kitty.

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