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Happy National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Shih Tzu puppy dressed up

So, I know that we’re a day late posting this, but my Mama was just too busy yesterday to update my blog. (And since I have paws, I can’t exactly use the computer mouse or type very well … so I have to rely on my human mama to type my barks into words.)

My best anipal, Sadie Shih Tzu (who has the coolest dog blog ever!) wrote on my Facebook wall and told all about yesterday’s big celebration:

“Uh oh – it’s National Dress Up Your Pet Day Gracie. Keep an eye on your person. There’s no telling what kind of crazy outfit she’ll try to make you wear today.”

(Hope Sadie and her mom (“person”) doesn’t mind me sharing that with you!)

January 14 (which was yesterday) as the annual National Dress Up Your Pet Day. Animal parents all over the world celebrated by dressing up their pooches (and kitties) in all kinds of cute dog clothes, costumes, and dog accessories – like sunglasses, hats and such.

Since my Mama is obsessed with dressing me up… of course, I did have to wear an outfit.

Here’s a photo of me as an Elf… Nope, I wasn’t exactly pleased with the get-up. I hate wearing anything on my head. Not bows, not hats… Nothin’ but I do look cute – to humans anyway. 

Shih Tzu puppy dressed up

 And of course, we can’t leave out Mr. Pumpkin (my furry cat brother – the flame point Siamese). This photo is from Halloween, but it’s purrrfect to share for today’s post.

Flame Point Siamese Cat Dressed Up

And of course, we can’t end this post with just two photos… You may also enjoy these funny pet pictures of animals in costume, thanks to Pinterest. I think they’re all just too, too adorable. Humans are so weird, don’t you think? They love torturing us with costumes and clothes. Sheesh!



Source: ffffound.com via Diana on Pinterest



Happy Belated National Dress Up Your Pet Day!

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  • Sabrina Sabino March 24, 2012, 6:36 am

    Haha, I love these pictures of animals with clothes! I hope they had as much fun!

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