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I’m a One-Person Dog

Shih Tzu Dog on a Dog Bed

My Mama is away right now for a job interview, and I really miss her.

I don’t know if you realize this, but Shih Tzu tend to be a “one-person dog.” Shih Tzus are very loyal dogs who love everyone and everything, but we tend to get overly attached and overly lovey-dovey with one person in the house. For me, this is my Mama.

When she is home, I am always with her in the same room  – unless I’m looking out the window in the living room, of course. I sleep next to my Mama in the bed. I lie next to her chair when she’s writing in her office. I’m sitting on her lap when she’s watching TV in the living room. I follow her to the bathroom and lay on the ground when she’s doing her business. When she’s bathing, I am also nearby – but not too close, since I hate getting wet.

As you can imagine, I miss my Mama like crazy when she’s gone.

When you coming home, Mama?

Shih Tzu Dog at Window

Mama decided not to take me on this trip, since it will be quite short – only a few days – and she didn’t want me to feel stressed moving from place to place. (Plus, secretly I think she didn’t want me to distract her!)  I guess it’s for the best, and she does think of me . . . The home environment is best for me.

Still, I really miss my Mama like crazy.

Don’t I just look super sad?

Shih Tzu Dog on a Dog Bed

Hurry home, Mama.


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  • Pup Fan February 15, 2012, 8:33 pm

    Aw, hope your mama is home soon!
    Pup Fan recently posted..Snug as a bug in a rugMy Profile

  • Karen April 9, 2017, 2:41 pm

    Everything about this article is exactly the kind of relationship that I have with Shih Tzu. He is my little angel dog!

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