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Meet My Cousins – Chaucer the Parrot, and Mr. Bubbles the Cockatoo

Mama has been traveling almost every other weekend for the past month, and I’ve been staying at my Auntie’s house when she’s away. Auntie is the best babysitter (even agrees to babysit me at the last moment! Mom and I are so grateful!), and I even get two of the cutest cousins to play with . . . or chase.

Meet Chaucer, the beautiful Aru Eclectus parrot, and Mr. Bubbles, a rose breasted cockatoo. They have a blog, too, if you wanna keep up with their adventures – the Flying Chaucer.

Mr. Bubbles, Cockatoo and Chaucer, Parrot

Chaucer (the green one) and I get along just fine. But Mr. Bubbles is another story. He screamed every time I entered the room when I first came to stay with Auntie. They had to put him in another room, because I scared him too much. He must have had a bad experience with dogs, but I’m such a cute and little dog, why would he be scared of me?

Eventually, he got used to me, though, so we didn’t have any more problems. We could be in the same room. I ignored him mostly and just played with my toys.

They are beautiful birds, aren’t they?

This is Mr. Chaucer. He’s super adorable, but he has a bit of a mean streak. He’s more of the biter. He’s got a high strung, regal, and quiet personality. He can say, “Hello,” “Chaucer,” “I love you,” and a few other things. He is starting to learn how to sing “You are my sunshine.” He’s nervous around new people and loves to take showers. Since he was the first “baby” of my aunt’s, he is very jealous of Mr. Bubbles, who was brought into the family about a year after he was.

Aru Eclectus Parrot

Chaucer Aru Eclectus ParrotAru Eclectus ParrotChaucer the Aru Eclectus Parrot

And here is Mr. Bubbles – the rose breasted cockatoo (also called galah in Australia, the country of his origin). He’s got a very playful and goofy personality. He loves to mumble and he can even roll over on command! It’s super cool. His hobbies include untying nots and destroying anything electronic. He’s also very loud when he is happy, but shy around new people. It took him a little while to get used to me. He was screaming every time I came into the room, but after awhile, he and I pretty much ignore each other.

Mr. Bubbles Pet CockatooMr. Bubbles, rose breasted cockatoo Mr. Bubbles, rose breasted cockatoo

This has to be the cutest video. This is Mr. Bubbles rolling over!

Don’t forget to check out their blog when you get a chance! the Flying Chaucer to keep up with their birdie adventures!
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