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Piggies are Cute, Especially if They Have Red Boots

Cute Piglet

I think baby pigs are one of the cutest animals in the world. They are REALLY adorable, and since pigs are becoming more popular as pets — instead of getting plump to be made into bacon — I really want Mama to adopt a piglet for me to play with.

Look at how cute this piglet is! He’s wearing red rain boots to keep his feet from getting wet. Isn’t he just so, so, so adorable? Makes me want to go and lick his face.

Piglet in Red Boots


I really hope this piglet ends up being like Babe (from “Charlotte’s Web”) and not someone’s dinner one day. Although I love to eat bacon (that falls on the ground – cuz Mama refuses to give me anything fattening to eat), I hope this piggie survives and grows up loved and smothered with kisses.

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