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Play Date with my Shih Tzu Boyfriend

As I wrote yesterday in my post about Chanh, my shih tzu boyfriend, he lives at my mama’s parents house in Nashville, TN. But every two weeks, I go to visit him and we have lots of fun togethers. We play fight, bite at each other’s mouths. Sometimes, he licks my face, because he loves me. Mostly, we play, rumble and tumble together. It’s always great funs, and we are always very exhausted after our play dates.

Here we are sizing each other up.

What you got, buddy?

Shih Tzu Dogs Playing

Play time! I was moving too fast in some of these photos, so they are slightly blurry. But that’s just because I was not posing. I was playings!

Cute Dog PhotosShih Tzu Pictures

And after a little play fighting, we are both exhausted, so we rest together on the couch. He doesn’t ever wear clothes, but I  love my red sweater. Aren’t we adorable together? I am a black and white shih tzu; he is gray and white. He’s bigger than me – around 14 pounds, and I’m only 8 pounds. But still, it’s nice to play with another shih tzu.

Shih Tzu Dog Pictures

Licking my lips, ready to play some more….

Shih Tzu Cute Pictures

And we are going to play fight again… We just can’t help ourselves. It’s just too fun, and we are two Shih Tzu puppies who have way too much energy for our own good!

Shih Tzu Play Biting

And just so you know, we never really hurt each other. It’s good for two doggies to play together. We know how hard to bite without causing any harm, and we both really enjoy it. It’s good for doggie socialization, or so Mama says. But I just enjoy playing with another real dog – and not just my stuffed toys.

Shih Tzu Dog PhotosBoy and Girl Shih Tzu

Chanh, my shih tzu boyfriend is a pretty handsome fella, don’t you agree?

Boy Shih Tzu

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  • Jon Terry January 13, 2012, 10:03 pm

    Hi Gracie,

    I’m glad to get to have such fun with your boyfriend.
    Thanks for dropping by and we are glad to know you.
    Looking forward to read of your other adventures.

    Love ya,
    Jon Terry

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