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Santa Must Die

Shih Tzu and Santa Toy

Christmas may be over, but Santa Clause must die!

Me and my stuffed Santa have beef with each other. Something about his red outfit, white beard, and soft insides just makes me go into destroy mode. I will bite and chew and shake him until I make a big enough hole. Then I attack.

The stuffing has got to go. I will gut him until there is nothing left.

Shih Tzu Dog Destroys Toy Santa

What you looking at me for, Mama?

Shih Tzu and Santa Toy

Mama always gets upset when she finds Santa’s guts strewn all over the room. She ends up sewing him back together again, and the destruction begins all over again.

I should probably also let you know that this is not original Santa.

This is “new” Santa. I just got him this Christmas. But it’s obvious that I will have to get a third Santa next Christmas time.

(P.S. The picture quality is not that great, cause I was moving around too much and we didn’t have great lighting in the room. It was late at night.)

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