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Seriously Cute Yorkie Puppies

yorkshire terrier puppy

Yorkies are ridiculously cute, especially when they are baby puppies. It’s a tiny breed –the AKC breed standard is four to seven pounds.

I don’t know why this baby Yorkie puppy looks so mean. But he is still super cute! Maybe he is mad that someone woke him up from his nap.

“What you looking at?”

yorkie puppy


This baby Yorkie also looks pretty peeves. Maybe he doesn’t like being dressed up. But he is precious! He is probably full of personality, and he does look like a Yapper… Doesn’t he?

yorkie puppy pictures

Source: thefancy.com via Miranda on Pinterest


This little Yorkie looks much nicer and sweet. Isn’t she an adorably cute Yorkie puppy?

yorkie baby puppy

Source: imgfave.com via Melissa on Pinterest


Mama almost considered getting a Yorkie puppy when she was deciding on the breed she wanted for her first doggie. She ultimately choose a Shih Tzu because she wanted a doggie who was multi-colored (black and white, or brown and white) who had a short nose.

Luckily, she chose right and got the perfect Shih Tzu (me!) Sometimes, she does wonder if she will get a Yorkie the next time around, but I think she’s going to stick with Shih Tzu, cause we are super adorables.

Yorkie 101

Yorkies – officially called “Yorkshire Terriers” – are a member of the AKC’s Toy group. They are energetic little doggies with big personalities. They have long and luxurious tan and blue coats. Like Shih Tzu, they are considered “hypoallergenic,” which means that they don’t shed to the same degree as other breeds. They shed very little, only losing some of their fur when they’re being bathed or brushed.

This little dog is named for the city in England where it comes from – Yorkshire. In the 19th century, they were used to catch rats in clothing mills. That’s pretty ironic, because now they are wonderful lap dogs that love to be doted on.

The average sized Yorkie can live up to 17 years, but the smaller Yorkies (“miniature” and “teacups”), which are under 3 pounds generally live much shorter lives – an estimated 3 to 7 years, since they’re more easily injured and more prone to health problems.

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