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Sleepy Shih Tzu, Smothered in Toys

Shih Tzu Stuffed Toys

I don’t know if you realize this, but I’m kinda spoiled. And I have lots and lots and lots of toys. I live a pretty spoiled and pampered life with my Mama.

Since my mommy is a writer, she sits and types on her computer a lotz, which leaves me bored with no one to play with. (My cat bro-fur, Mr. Pumpkin, is often too sleepy to play with me, and my Lab bro-fur, Bo is always doing his own thing and doesn’t always play with me when I want him to.) So until Mama takes a break, I sleep in one of my doggie beds (I have a pink one, too) near her feets.

One day, my Mom looked down and thought, “How cute would it be to place all of Gracie’s toys on top of her? Let’s see how she acts to it.”

Well, Mama… I put up with you. And I really didn’t care.

Shih Tzu Stuffed Toys

I continued to sleep in my warm doggie bed, my favorite toys on top of me, without budging one inch. I mean, why should I move? I had all of my favorite stuffed toys around me, keeping me warm. They all have my scent, so that comforted me and even put me to sleep.

There is old Santa (who is no stuffing-less, because I ate all the stuffing from him), my monster, my reindeer, my Prince Froggie Frog, and my pink teddy bear… I loves them allz!

Shih Tzu Dog Pictures

So Mama snapped photos, and I just laid there and looked at her. Then I feel asleep.

Sleepy Shih Tzu in Her Toys

Did I mention that sleeping is one of my favorite hobbies? I sleeps a lot…

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