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Snow Last Week, Sunshine and a Park Visit this Week

The weather has been incredibly crazy this winter in St. Louis! Just last week, we had a few inches of snow and cold, cold weather. I’ve been snuggling under the covers at home, and been really looking forward to spring so I can play outside!

And guess what? I got to go to the park today! It was a lovely 75 degrees Fahrenheit this evening. After work, mama and I took a nice stroll to the dog park that is a mile away from where we live!

Shih Tzu at the dog park

I haven’t been to the dog park in ages. Mostly because mama didn’t realized we had one so close to us. And second, because I am scared of dogs and will bark at them. Thirdly, mama sees mostly big dogs at the dog parks in St. Louis so we have played it safe. But since today was so nice, we decided to check it out.

There were only four dogs at the park today, but they were bigger than me and they seemed like nice dogs. Mama carried me in, since all the dogs came to greet us.

This dog (in the background) took special interest in me. I think he wanted to play, but I wasn’t ready.

dogs at the park

I was a little worried at first and stayed close to mom.

Gracie Lu fluffy shih tzu

I sat underneath her bench for a very long time. I’m adorable, though.

nervous Shih Tzu

Eventually I warmed up and went around sniffing. I never got too close to the other dogs but mama said that was OK. She is trying to socialize me.

Til next time, pals. Here’s a final photo of my fluffy face.

Gracie Lu Shih Tzu face

I’m getting groomed tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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