February 4, 2012

What Breed Are You, Cute Teddy-Bear Puppy?

I blog in great distress. I can’t stand it . . . but . . . I have to know –

What breed mix is this super adorable baby puppy? 

poodle mix

Source: tumblr.com via Sorcha on Pinterest


You look like a teddy bear puppy, maybe a teacup of some breed mix. You are super cute, so we have to know. What are you? 

I’ve gone on Twitter and asked my friends, but no one can tell me. We all know that you’re a poodle mix (because of your beautiful curly fur), but what are you a mix of?

  • Could you be a shih tzu-poodle mix (also called a shih-poo)?
  • Or a Labradoodle (labrador retriever and poodle mix)?
  • Or a lhasa apso-poodle mix (Lhasa-Poo)?
  • Yorkie-Poo?

Whatever you are, you are super adorable — from your black button nose and eyes that make us want to kiss you all over! You are so cute that you don’t even look real. You look like a teddy bear that needs to be snuggled with.

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