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Two Shih Tzus Playing Together, True Friendship

Two Shih Tzu Walk Side by Side

My friend Chanh got a new haircut.

Chanh is my grandparents’ Shih Tzu and he’s on “vacation” with us this week (though I think Mama wants to keep him and steal him away for herself. She is a Shih Tzu-a-holic and needs professional help.)

The groomer gave Chanh a puppy cut with a teddy bear face. He’s definitely looking quite the stylish Shih Tzu doggie. They even tied a bandana around his neck. It’s blue and very masculine. What do you think?

Isn’t he the most handsome Shih Tzu boy ever?

Shih Tzu Puppy Cut with Teddy Bear Face

(To see what he looked like before, check out my Mardi Gras photos.)

On Wednesday, when we went to the Vets to get our annual vaccines, I weighed 8.5 pounds (with all my fur) and Chanh weighed 12.5 pounds (with all his fur). The horrible Vet made us get on this cold scale to weigh us. I did not like it one bit, and I hated the shots even more.

Anyway, now that handsome Chanh has gotten himself all shaved and groomed, Mama is guessing that he’s about 10 pounds now. Possibly less.

He used to look twice my size, and we thought he was a fattie. Mama even asked the Vet if he was overweight. The Vet felt his ribs, and said he was the perfect size and in good body shape.

Mama decided that he must be a muscular boy, and that’s why he looked a bit chunky with all of his fur.

So imagine her surprise when she went to the Groomers to pick him up, and he was this slender little boy. She could hardly believe it was the same dog!

Shih Tzu Puppy Cut Hairstyle

When Chanh came home from the groomers, I had to check him out.

He looked different. He smelled different. Was this the same dog?

I’m not usually a butt sniffer, but I couldn’t help myself. Where had my friend gone? Did Mama bring home the wrong dog?

Sniff, sniff. Who are you?

Shih Tzu Dogs Together

Your butt smells the same, but what about your face? Sniff, sniff.

Grey and White Shih Tzu

Hmm, your teeth and smile look the same. But what’s that smell?

Do you have new doggie cologne on?

Sniff, sniff.

Let me smell your ear, please.

Two Shih Tzu

Mama brought home the right dog.

He is my friend, Chanh, after all!

I’m a happy girl now.

Two Happy Shih Tzu

Come on, let’s play. 

Woof, woof!

I’m going to bark until you play with me!

Shih Tzu Confrontation

Maybe kissing would be better.

My boyfriend, Louie isn’t here. Wanna kiss and make out?

Two Shih Tzu Playing

Oh, you wanna play hard to get?

Let’s play then!

Black and White Shih Tzu, Gray and White Shih Tzu

Hehe, I like your tongue.

Give me a face kiss, please?

Two Shih Tzu Outside in Grass

Oh, I see what you want.

You’d rather scratch your back on the cool grass, instead of playing with me.

You go a head and do that. I’ll just watch.

Silly boy.

Shih Tzu in Grass

Okay, let’s just be friends.

What do you want to do first?

A walk around the backyard?

Sounds good to me, friend.

Two Shih Tzu Walk Side by Side

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