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Welcome Sunny Weather!

It’s April now, and after several weeks of cooler weather, it’s finally sunny again. I bought Gracie a new dress to celebrate, and she puts up with it. It would be nice if she completely embraces the idea of wearing clothes and dresses. So instead of being all frisky and happy, she stares up and asks, “Why Mama?” with her eyes.

Gracie and Bo (the black lab) enjoy their walks together. She’s super cute when she walks, always tilting her head back at me to make sure I’m keeping up. She stops, if I’m lagging behind. It’s pretty adorable.

Can you believe that my little Gracie is now almost 1 year old? Her birthday is in May, and she will no longer be my little puppy. It’s quite sad, for me. But she’s still my baby – now and forever.

Gracie and Mr. Pumpkin still enjoy their Saturday naps together.
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  • Judy Edwards March 19, 2015, 1:49 pm

    We just got a baby shih tzu for our 11 year old son for his birthday. Nicholas is such a proud young man and enjoying his new friend Bella Grace. We got her a few t shirts but we are on a fixed income. Would you be will to donate some of the clothes that Gracie outgrows. We would greatly appreciate it. Nicholas doesn’t play well with other children. So he is enjoying dressing Bella Grace and he pretends to read to her. He helps walk her and makes sure that she has food and water. Bella Grace is 11 weeks old now. thanks Judy

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